Programming Radios

Using WC as a local Repeater and Gateway

D Star Repeater and Gateway use requires your radio to be set up with programmed paths and call sign fields.

These can be accessed via the menu, or up loaded from a file with the appropriate cable and software.

However this file is for IC92 GB7WC no call. Right click save as you know the routine!

Alternatively a local file edited by Gerry G0NWE called the Mersey Triangle includes D Star and analogue repeater data for the 28020 thanks Gerry. for latest .icf files on line

Videos on programming Icom radios

Repeater list with thanks to RSGB 

Download repeater files for all latest radios from here !

J2820 Icom Programming

Access to your Menu

Page 37 chapter 5 DV Mode Operation in your 2820 Handbook describes entering your call sign in the MY CALL SIGN Memory.

Press Function Button to get to menu Highlight with tune button to change and insert text Note the RPT 1 and 2 has call and B and G in the 8th space.

E92 Owners

make sure DV mode is selected to alter dv menu items select menu press 5 to select item highlight to change and insert text

Icom 92 user manual page 38 Chapter 7 explains the key press sequence please note R2 setting must be as shown in our picture do not leave as” not in use” the Dplus

Repeater software needs to see this.

DV Dongle Users latest working file DVTools 2.0 Beta4

DV Dongle D-STAR Adapter software (DVTool) runs with Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.

The minimum suggested configuration includes a PC with 2.0GHz processor & 512MB of RAM with a USB 2.0 high speed port.

DVap latest Files